About Us

Myo-Fit Mobility & Therapy is health and wellness company. It is composed of athletic trainers who perform hands-on therapy, rehabilitation and other forms of healing and treatment techniques. Typically, athletic trainers have been reserved for treating and healing athletes to keep them on the field of play or to return them to play as quickly and safely as possible. In the field, athletic trainers are under pressure to get results, so they have developed effective cutting edge tools and techniques that help people quickly overcome injuries and correct structural and chronic imbalances that limit their performance. Unfortunately, these techniques have been limited to elite athletes.

IMG_0550We are bringing this care to the general population. We believe that the definition of an athlete is a person who moves. We all move and places physical stress on our bodies. We work with adult athletes, amateur athletes, people who want to improve their daily functions and those who want to be pain-free. We help them heal from injuries, correct postures and imbalances, perform hands-on therapies to prevent injuries and educate our clients on the nature of their body and how to treat it on their own. If you fit into any of these categories, we want to see you!