Jared B. Co-owner of CrossFit NapTown, Indianapolis, IN             10945817_10152584260776227_3993929320287067303_o

With 4 years of competitive CrossFit under my belt and a former college career as a Division 1 soccer player, I will say that without Myo-Fit I would not be walking or lifting my arms over my head.   The funny thing about competitive CrossFit and being an affiliate owner is that you spend a lot of time telling members not to do what you are doing.  I’ve consistently beaten my body up preparing for the Open, Regionals, and even the Games.  Myo-Fit has helped me with a plethora of injuries but more importantly they have made me understand the importance of mobility.  They have been instrumental in teaching proper movement mechanics before specific areas of weakness become full fledged injuries. Injuries that result in time away from training.  Myo-Fit has been coined my “forced mobility” because there is no way out of it.  We all know we should be doing more mobility, and we all know we don’t do enough.  Myo-Fit is the answer to that problem.  I would recommend their services ranging from injury evaluation, myofascial release techniques, to mobility programs designed specifically for you.


Desimir J. CrossFitter, Waiter, Indianapolis, IN

I have been doing CrossFit for about 2 years and I love it. I have been having problems with my Achilles tendons since October 2012. Since October of 2012 I have seen three doctors but my problem has still persisted. A few of my friends from Crossfit community recommended me to see Myo-Fit. I started my treatments in the beginning of February 2015. Within weeks the swelling went down, my mobility increased and my pain subsided. My main goal was to be able run again in the spring and well, it is spring and I am running. I still go see Myo-Fit twice a month to stay on top on my achilles tendinitis and to keep me running! Myo-Fit is very dedicated to their work and patients. I would recommend seeing Myo-Fit for physiotherapeutic treatments.


Bryan B. CrossFitter, Software Engineer, Indianapolis, IN            554156_10202154558370490_1528144593_n

I was not sure what to expect when I first started going to Myo-Fit, but I was convinced it was a better alternative than traditional x-rays, MRI’s, potential surgery and stopping CrossFit.  At the time I was having pretty intense knee pain when bending and not capable of flexing my knee past 90 degrees.   Most would diagnose the cause as clearly my new workout regimen, CrossFit.  I wasn’t convinced and thought the issue might be me moving incorrectly and years of being overweight and inactive.

During the assessment it was pretty clear my leg muscles were in need of serious work.  They were extremely tight and not capable of moving correctly.  So Sara, one of Myo-Fit’s therapists, started breaking down the layers of bundled muscle, then gave me foam roller exercises and stretches to do on my own for my mobility.  Over the first few weeks, Sara was able to break up all my “stuck” muscle fibers and I started to get a great deal of pain relief.  As we went along over the next few months, I started to become more educated on how I should move, what healthy tissue felt like and how to address my own mobility needs.  Eventually I was pain free and able to do full, below parallel squats without any pain.

I could not be happier with the progress we have made and continue to make.  I feel more educated about my body and how to maintain the progress we have made working together.


Daniel Seligman, Accountant, 29 yeas old

As an individual who was born with a rare, congenital muscle disease, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best physical and rehabilitation therapists in the Midwest. After an accident in April 2013, which resulted in a broken femur, Myo-Fit was recommended to me by a close friend and former physical therapist of mine who is currently the Director of Physical Therapy for one of the Central Indiana hospital networks.  They believed Myo-Fit would be the ideal company to continue to oversee my rehabilitation following a year and a half of intense physical therapy in a clinic setting. Listening to their advice has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I first started using the services of Sara Hemmick at Myo-Fit in December 2014. Myo-Fit has helped me continue to strengthen my body as well as treat any muscular tightness or pain that I have. The Myo-Fit team realizes that each individual’s body is unique and they develop a treatment and exercise program specifically for the goals you’ve established for yourself.


Anna Rode, CrossFitter, Division 1 soccer player                     10317708_10154416945935416_925351188338547725_o

My relationship with Sara, one of Myo-Fit’s therapists and athletic trainers, began when I was 19 years old as a freshman in college on the women’s soccer team at IUPUI. I had been doing CrossFit for four years already at that time and competed at the CrossFit Games in 2011. I was focused on soccer for the time being but had my sights set on competing individually in CrossFit as soon as my college career was over. I knew a whole lot about working out, but Sara showed me that I had a lot to learn about taking care of myself. Much to my surprise, she never made it beyond my forearms the first time I had an appointment with her, a part of my body that I never realized could actually be tight. When I thought about mobility, I only thought about it in terms of how flexible I was. I could touch my toes, so I thought I was good to go. Sara taught me a great deal about the incredible machine that is the human body and helped me to make mine even more functional and fit.

Flash forward a few years and Myo-Fit Therapy has been a constant force for good in my life. In my 8 years as a CrossFit athlete and 4 years as a Division I soccer player, I have had one brief brush with what would actually be considered an injury and we rehabbed that back to health in a few short weeks. Any time that I have had tweaks or tightness, Myo-Fit has been there to set me back on the path to success fixing the tweak before it turned into a tear. I have learned how to practice self-care from Myo-Fit in between the times when I get to visit them in person. Myo-Fit has also gone beyond fixing little problems here and there by addressing the root of some of my aches and pains. The Myo-Fit team has an extensive knowledge of the human body and used that knowledge to change my movement patterns that were less than ideal.

In short, Myo-Fit Therapy has done it all for me.  I can train with intensity and under heavy volume, knowing that Myo-Fit is there for me to keep my body functioning well. I have come a long way in 4 years as an athlete and I am confident that Myo-Fit Therapy has been a huge part of making that possible.



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